This section contains alerts for individuals, organizations, governments.


Description Publication date
25ALRT19-025 :Sodinokibi malware14/12/2019
24ALRT19-024 :Snatch Ransomware14/12/2019
23ALRT19-023 :The Plundervolt critical flaw14/12/2019
22ALRT19-022 :Xhelper malware impossible to remove05/12/2019
21ALRT19-021 :Critical security breach in the TrueCaller application05/12/2019
20ALRT19-020 :Critical flaw in rConfig05/12/2019
19ALRT19-019 :Security Fault Buffer Over in PHP731/10/2019
18ALRT19-018 :vulnerability of IOS smartphones28/10/2019
17ALRT19-017 :Critical vulnerability of SIM cards (SimJacker)14/10/2019
16ALRT19-016 :App Corrompue CamScam02/09/2019
15ALRT19-015 :Asruex27/08/2019
14ALRT19-014 :SPAM and PHISING to Agenda27/08/2019
13ALRT19-013 :Malwares NanoCore and LokiBot02/07/2019
12ALRT19-012 : Attack of Botnet GoldBrute13/06/2019
11ALRT19-011 : Windows BlueKeep06/06/2019
10ALRT19-010 : Malware ElectricFish 24/05/2019
09ALRT19-009 :Scams by email 17/05/2019
08ALRT19-008 : ZombieLoad security vulnerability17/05/2019
07ALRT19-007 : Whatsapp security vulnerability 16/05/2019
06ALRT19-006 : Attacks and manipulations of DNS servers 28/02/2019
05ALRT19-005 : Critical Fault Drupal28/02/2019
04ALRT19-004 : Vulnerability in APT01/02/2019
03ALRT19-003 : Vulnerability in FaceTime 01/02/2019
02ALRT19-002 : The Anubis malware01/02/2019
01ALRT19-001 : 772 hacked accounts01/02/2019