Tip - Secure your email account
Email accounts are very often hacked. This piracy is unpleasant to live for several reasons. Sometimes you lose access to the account. Sometimes we can not get it back. In addition to this, the attacker will have access to any confidential, critical documents; to confidential communications. Also, the attacker will be able to send messages compromising our personality.
Yet, many email systems offer us features to save us from these annoyances. Here are some tips to take into account to protect yourself.
Do not divulge his password
This is the first security measure. It should therefore be reassured not to note on a place accessible to anyone. The best measure here is to keep it only in memory.
Put secure passwords
An attacker should not easily misplace your password. A password such as your name or surname or similar is not recommended. It is very often advisable to use, in the password, numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation characters too.
Change your password regularly
This is a precaution to reassure you that a possible indiscreet look is able to find your password, following the pattern it has observed.
Think about changing the recovery email account
You may forget your password. For one reason or another, your account may be blocked. Some email systems give you the option to recover your account through a recovery account. This precaution is most used when it is obvious (or even when you suspect) that an attacker has had access to your account. Indeed, an attacker, having had access to your account, can change this information by putting an account to which it has access, this in order to always have access to your account even if you would have changed your password. By changing this information, you defeat his evil designs.