Before posting anything, even if it's probably already too late and you have published a lot of personal information about you, know in the future that even if you delete or hide your content, it is always backed up whatever share.

It's like when you talk to someone, you can always say that you lied, but the information was shared you can not "decide". Also note that your email addresses and other photos can be saved by anyone with access to them.

Let's go in the security part of Facebook.

Enable Secure Browsing, this will prevent a user from recovering your password on the fly across the network through the https protocol.

Enable Notifications when logging in at least by email to indicate any unusual successful login.

You can enable Connection Approvals if you want to prevent the connection from an unknown browser by first requesting a code that you will receive via SMS. The previous setting indicates an unusual connection but does not prevent it, whereas here it will enter the code received by SMS.

The Code Generator allows you to override SMS sending with codes for sign-in approvals. More informations.

You can add Trusted Contacts if it includes someone in your family. Do not add anyone. In case of loss of your account, Facebook will go through this contact to regain access to your account.

Recognized Devices are the devices from which you are connected. Facebook, for example, retains connection information to make navigation more enjoyable. Check that the devices belong to you and that you have connected well with them.

Last but not least, Active Sessions. You should check these sessions regularly for locations and devices that are allowed to connect. The level of security is lowered for these devices because Facebook imagine that they are yours. If that's the case, if it is not someone can currently be logged into your account. Attention by cons instead of connection often wrong. I am told, for example, that the place of my current session is Paris while I live at 500km.

In addition, if you are used to logging into your Facebook account using a smartphone in EDGE connection, 3G ... etc or through a hotspot, you will have IP addresses from different places. This is because your 3G / 4G mobile connection becomes a normal Internet connection and that via the IP addresses of your ISPs.

So you have to know how to distinguish between an IP address from a hacker, or from your own ISP. And that's not easy, you can try sites like to view details about IP addresses.